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A new era in spine care. Giving clinicians and patients a new level of spinal insight.

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Our Team

CurveAssure brings together a core interdisciplinary team of biomedical engineers, neurosurgeons, and business strategy experts. Our CEO and CTO first met in their Biomedical Engineering Innovation and Design MSE program at Johns Hopkins University, where they created innovative implants for severe spine deformities and worked to increase access to minimally invasive spine surgery in rural settings. Evan Haas, our CEO, has a background of over 4 years of spinal device design experience and innovative startups. Antony Fuleihan, our CTO, has a background in mechanical engineering design, time series algorithm development, and sensor design. Dr. Nicholas Theodore MD, our CMO, is the Johns Hopkins Donlin M. Long Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Neurosurgical Spine Center. Dr. Theodore has a long history of bringing innovative spinal devices to the market and has successfully co-founded multiple startups which have been acquired.

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Our Story

Our founding team met in the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design MSE program at Johns Hopkins University. Evan and Antony spent months at Johns Hopkins Hospital working to identify and address the largest unmet clinical needs in the orthopedic space. After applying a thorough biodesign analysis, the team identified a core challenge in the way that spine patient pathways are planned. Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a key leader in the spinal innovation space, immediately recognized the passion of the team and the potential improvement in patient lives the CurveSense solution could create. Thus, CurveAssure was formed. Since then, the team has won numerous design and business plan competitions. Notably, they have won the Johns Hopkins International Medical Device Design Competition (2022) and the Fast Forward University Upper-Level Business Accelerator.

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Our Solution

CurveAssure is developing a spinal assessment tool that provides actionable metrics to guide data-driven, personalized treatment for Adult Spinal Deformity and Degenerative Spine Condition patients. We are developing a proprietary analysis software and algorithm to process collected data into actionable clinical reports. This report provides physicians with patient-specific information to inform their treatment planning and better communicate with their patients. We focus on collecting five key metrics which we have developed with Johns Hopkins Neurosurgeons to better inform patient candidacy selection and pathway planning.